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VW Trends is the nation's premier comprehensive Volkswagen-specific magazine. It caters to the die-hard and enthusiastic Volkswagen fan. Each month, VW Trends covers the full spectrum of restored vintage Volkswagens, modern water-cooled Volkswagens, new and old drag race cars and off road buggies.

Editor: Ryan Lee Price
Senior Editor: Robert Hallstrom
Group Managing Editor: Sherri Collins
Asst. Managing Editor: Breanne McMullen

Additional editorial content includes historical profiles, technical how-to articles, restorations, project car build-ups, news, parts and products for Volkswagen owners.

11Vwt Editadd02 Small Ryan Lee Price
Aside from the usual odd ramblings that appear on this page, I wanted you to hear from my staff of VW-dedicated individuals who have come together to bring you the best that the Volkswagen industry has to offer. Plus, it helps sometimes to put a face to the words you read and the pictures you see each month. As for me, I've been around VWs most of my life, and it seemed like a dream come true to become the editor of this magazine. Over the next few months, you'll witness some radical changes, as we become the greatest source for VW tech, shows and features.

11Vwt000edit01ad Small Rob Hallstrom
Senior Editor

I have always had a deep fascination for Volkswagens. Though its been 20 years, I remember purchasing my very first VW as clear as if it were yesterday. It was a complete wreck of a 1963 corner window Bus, just one bolt shy of a complete basket case. In my 10-year tenure at McMullen Argus, I have occupied various positions, and the job has brought me much fulfillment and satisfaction, not to mention a gorgeous wife (Jeannette) and three wonderful children (Talia, Justin and our newborn baby girl Lauren). That's right, my wife, who is a former employee, turned out to be the best company perk of all!

11Vwt Editadd05 Small Lois Grace

I was born into a VW-loving family. A beat up '59 Single Cab spoke to me when I was 12; I was hooked forever, and in our 31 years together, we have clocked nearly a half-million miles. Anyone with VWs knows you can't have just one, so I made sure he wasn't alone: he shares garage space with my '69 Beetle - Bogart, a '58 Beetle Cabrio - Oscar, and a 1990 Golf GTi. Part of the fun of Volkwagens is, for me, writing about our adventures. I somehow convinced our editor to give me a try, and the VolksWoman column was born! I only hope it's as much fun to read as it is to write.

11Vwt Editadd03 Small Tris Mast
Art Director

Eleven years ago I did some freelance illustrations for McMullen Argus and was shocked to find they actually printed them. I later pursued a job as animation artist at Disney Television and included the McMullen drawings. I was hired. Although my art background includes automotive advertising and motorsports magazine design, it was my years drawing cartoons at Walt Disney Television Animation that made me appreciate vehicles like the Beetle and VW Bus. No other cars can so easily show human expression; they have an innate wink and a smile.

11Vwt Editadd06 Small Karl Funke
Features Editor

As it happens, I sort of fell into the job at VW Trends. At the time the staff was somewhat shorthanded and needed help with basic editorial chores, such as filing and proofreading. I came on as an editorial intern for the International Performance Group, which includes Sport Compact Car and european car as well as VWT. After a few weeks on the job, the editor at the time decided I should start writing articles. When Editor Price came on board, he apparently liked my stuff enough to honor me with the position of Feature Editor. I've met so many unique people (and cars for that matter) that I can't turn away now!

0309Vwt Bio S Breanne McMullen
Asst. Managing Editor

My story is a little bit different from everyone else's here at Trends. I started working with Ryan and the rest of them when I was a lowly intern. Here I was, thrown into an office with all these knowledgeable car guys and I had to ask questions about what the "cc" after 1600 meant! I've since learned a thing or two about VWs and cars in general. I have always loved the little cars-especially Bugs-since I had owned a Super Beetle when I was in high school. I couldn't help but continue to foster a soft spot for the car and its moniker and now working full time for VW Trends has given me a chance to really feel a part of the VW world.


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