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Got some work to do on your Volkswagen? Technical and how-to articles show a Volkswagen owner how to maintain and upgrade his or her VW car.
Super Project '71: Part 18 Super Project '71: Part 18
Finally, we can honestly say that the Super Beetle is done. We've included all of the parts that... read more
Super Project '71: Part 16 Super Project '71: Part 16
Basically, there are no two ways about this: You can't install the fresh air fan and vent ducting... read more
Super Project '71: Part 15 Super Project '71: Part 15
So you're at home minding your own business when a package arrives at your doorstep. Inside is... read more
Super Project '71: Part 14 Super Project '71: Part 14
Having a painted car back and finished in your garage is a great feeling and it is a turning point... read more
Head Over Heels Head Over Heels
There are a couple of things that most people don't want to do to their cars, such as transmission... read more
Super Project  '71: Part 13 Super Project '71: Part 13
How do I paint a car is a looming question for most everyone reading this magazine. Since we were... read more
The Essentials of Fiberglass: Part VI The Essentials of Fiberglass: Part VI
Contrary to popular belief, there really are people out there who actually like finished cars.... read more
Building Up a Longblock with All-New Parts: Part 3 Building Up a Longblock with All-New Parts: Part 3
Finally, after a month longer than we planned, we reached the end of this mini project of building... read more
On the Straight and Narrow On the Straight and Narrow
If at any point in your restoration or buildup, you're interested in upgrading your wheels to... read more
Super Project '71: Part 12 Super Project '71: Part 12
We've said it before and we'll say it again: Paint is like the final frontier for a lot of... read more
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VW jetta wagon engine oil light 2005 VW Jetta Wagon, manual transmission. Engine oil light comes on for a few minutes on starting a...
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